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31 October 07 - 16:48

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween today! 

Trick or treat? :)

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31 October 07 - 14:29

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard review

The Ars Technica review of Mac OS X Leopard is a massive 17 page article covering the whole bunch, great geek stuff for sure. :)

It sums things up with a friendly 'Welcome to tomorrow... ...Leopard is absolutely packed with improvements. It seems that not a corner of the OS has gone untouched... ...if you're wondering whether you should upgrade to Leopard, the answer, as it's been for every major revision of Mac OS X, is yes.'

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30 October 07 - 23:46

Leopard's running wild

Apples new OS X, 10.5 Leopard, is running on my old Mac mini G4!!

It looks great, it feels great and it's running like a charm...my system seems to operate even faster, wow-wow-wow...eat that Microsoft!!! No need to upgrade your 2.5 years old hardware in order to run the latest and brightest OS, yay!

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29 October 07 - 16:26

Forced to de-install Skype


Company policy forced me to de-install Skype from my work notebook...they apparently still live in the 20th century :(

...what can I say? AAARRGGGHHHH!!

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28 October 07 - 22:10

Installing Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

Have prepped my Mac mini (G4) for a fresh install of Leopard...it will be interesting to see how it will run on this older machine...fingers crossed!

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27 October 07 - 19:06

QOTD October 27 2007

Jean-Paul Sartre: "In love, one and one are one."

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26 October 07 - 13:50

Birthday girl

Kissy has her Birthday today...33, a so called master number in numerology, make a great year out of it...happy Birthday sweetie!

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25 October 07 - 20:20

Dutch friends on the way

This weekend our friends Rob and Stefanie will visit us, they should be in the plane right now..from what I understood they're both traveling with overweight to bring us a lot of dutch goodies, yay!

Am really looking forward to another weekend with friends, relaxing and showing them the great Oslo surroundings!

(still have a busy day in the office tomorrow though before I can say: 'God helg!' :))

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24 October 07 - 16:39

Another day in the office

Never a dull moment in the office, we just had a fire emergency exercise...the whole building got evacuated in just a couple of minutes, not too bad considering there are over 6000 people working here!! :)

Hehe, I got a chance to talk to some people, now that they could no longer hide behind the 'sorry, I'm busy' excuse! :)

(it always occured to me how bad people specifically in telecommunications companies are communicating internally with eachother...:))

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23 October 07 - 22:41


Just added Shakataks 'Coolest Cuts'  album to my iTunes music library, enjoying those good old 80's tunes...brings back some great memories to a skiing holiday with four friends to Italy back in the days, I was 16 and dancing the nights away! :)

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22 October 07 - 22:08

Flying to Manilla?!?

My baby left for Manilla yesterday...normally a nice destination for shopping, enjoying culture, food and nice weather.

This time though things are not as sunny due to last weeks bombing in a mall, killing nine people. KLM security services informed them to stay alert and avoid busy areas...hmm, not that relaxing flight for her...luckily there is enough sunshine and the always great hotel pool! :)

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21 October 07 - 22:51

Pluis's back home!

Our 'I'm-on-walkabout-cat' Pluis is back home safe!

He didn't come back when we left for NL last Friday, we left some cups with food and water outside, which were empty when I came back tonight, certainly a sign but...no Pluis. I just went looking for him in the neighborhood, still nothing...then, just when I gave up for today and hoped better for tomorrow, I heard meowing at the frontdoor. Lo and behold it was Pluis...yay! Now I can take a good rest, off to bed! :)

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21 October 07 - 22:24

Back in Norway

I just came back home (Norway this time :)).

Had a great time surprising Robbert for his Birthday and meeting family/friends this weekend! Only one major bummer, I completely missed the last Formule One race of the season...the Brazilian race started at 6pm and ended around 8pm, exactly the period I was flying high up in the air somewhere between NL and N.

Typically one of those moment of I should have...I should have bought a DVD/HD recorder to record the race and watch it when I came home. None of that, and even worse, no evening repeat or highlights (probably since it was an evening race in Europe anyway)...DAMN!

By now I know that the impossible became reality, Lewis Hamilton didn't make it, nor did Fernando Alonso and it was Kimi Raikonen who made it to world champion!

I guess it would have been a great race to watch...darn...:(

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20 October 07 - 21:08

Surprise visit to NL

I'm in NL this weekend! Couldn't mention it before, coz that would ruine the surprise for Robbert. He has his Birthday today and I'm the present from Norway! :)

Nice to be back, things didn't change that much yet...it still feels like home (too).

Now, back to the party, yay!!

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19 October 07 - 17:40

History repeating

Some things happened today which gave me a shitty 'history repeating'-feeling.

I believe that life is providing one with challenges, opportunities and lessons. Sometimes really great and perfect ones, perhaps not always nice or easy and sometimes even nasty ones. Most of the times all of these are possibilities to grow your personality in life. Todays event was a nasty one, it reminded me a lot of some shit I went through some years ago, even though the subject is not me this time, I feel his feeling...and it feels bad.

Then again, as said, it's all character building...live life from your own strength and positivity, aim for your bigger picture in life let 'miracles' happen!!

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18 October 07 - 17:14

QOTD October 18 2007

Benjamin Disraeli: "Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth."

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17 October 07 - 10:42

Leopard launch date: October 26 2007

Apple will unleash Leopard, their new operating system on October 26...the countdown has started!

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16 October 07 - 10:06

Saturday Night Live & the TSA

I guess that everyone has a story to tell when they encountered with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or equivalent agency outside the USA. Having your valuable fluids (perfume ad so on) taken from you since they don't fit in this too small plastic bag, or contain more than 100ml..aahhhh.

The guys from Saturday Night Live made a nice show out of it. Check it out, it's hilareous:

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15 October 07 - 21:42

First norwegian class

I had my first norwegian class tonight!

The typical starters sentence:

'Jeg heter Raymond og jeg kommer fra Nederland, men nå jeg bor jeg i Norge'


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14 October 07 - 23:33


Have rediscovered Command & Conquer this past week, playing Tiberian Sun, since my PC's hardware will not run Tiberian Wars. :(

Still, am enjoying it a lot...GDI go!! :)

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13 October 07 - 21:28

Unavoidable future?

To quote the source:

When Brand Infection works…you know it must be Apple Inc.

Picture taken in the Missouri School of Journalism.

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12 October 07 - 17:33

First guest

My mother in law will visit us this weekend. She's our first guest from NL staying over in the house...cool!

Hope weather is nice enough for some hiking.

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12 October 07 - 10:15

QOTD October 12 2007

Chuck Palahniuk: "The things you own end up owning you."

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11 October 07 - 23:17

3 years ago, a special DSC moment

We totally missed the 3-year anniversary of the encounter between me and Adam Curry, aka The Podfather, last Sunday October 7...it was back in 2004, a time when podcasts were not called podcasts yet, the 'Curry Manor' was still 'Curry Castle', the Condo didn't exist, nor did Podshow, or thePLUStv and the Daily Source Code was truly DAILY :)

Adam lived in Belgium while I was still enjoying Holland, we 'met' in a traffic jam on the dutch highway 'A4'...three years does a lot in a mans life! Sjeez, I wasn't blogging at the time, but posted the one year anniversary in 2005.

Adam, I guess you should add this 'famous' clip to your DSC-channel!

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10 October 07 - 23:17

A new couch

Yay...the couch arrived!! IKEA delivered it today, the house is becoming more and more 'home sweet home'!

Hehe, will need to try if it sleeps as good as it sits...come by and test it yourself :)

(IKEA rulezzzz!!)

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09 October 07 - 23:58

Comparing Apples with pears (=PCs)

Apple did it again...:)

MacNN: "Apple has once again topped PC Magazine's annual reader satisfaction survey, significantly leading the pack of Windows PC manufacturers."

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08 October 07 - 17:24

Follow the money

A latest topic of discussion in Adam Curry's DSC; 'follow the money'.

I like these kind of simple taglines to catch a difficult multi-angular topic...'follow the money' and find out where our leaders will take us in the (near) future! (and therefore, what our future will look like!)

The discussion in the Daily Source Code (actually nowadays more a 'Twice-a-week' Source Code :)) was inspired by the ZeitGeist movie (again...check it out!). It will be interesting to see where this discussion is heading to.

My contribution; check out Opensecrets.org - money in politics data.

According to the 'Who We Are': 'The Center for Responsive Politics is a non-partisan, non-profit research group based in Washington, D.C. that tracks money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy. The Center conducts computer-based research on campaign finance issues for the news media, academics, activists, and the public at large. The Center’s work is aimed at creating a more educated voter, an involved citizenry, and a more responsive government.'

It's still all pretty U.S. oriented and should move to a more global standpoint, especially looking at the current shift in economic powers (have you been following the Euro/Dollar trend, crazy! And what about China/India?)

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07 October 07 - 20:02

New web-project

Have been working on a web-project lately; design and builing the new site for Best & West, a dutch organization specialized in providing personnel for many different sectors.

Some more content will follow in the coming weeks as well as the english version, but the design is ready...let me know what you think!

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06 October 07 - 18:10

Luciano Pavorotti

Am hooked on Luciano Pavorotti, listening to his 'Pavorotti Forever' album...great music, what a voice!!

Buy it!

Nice post to coincide next to my Marilyn Manson post earlier :)

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06 October 07 - 16:12

Marilyn Manson comes to Oslo

Just found out that Marilyn Manson will perform in Oslo coming December 18...YAY!! Anyone wanna come, coz I'll definately go!

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05 October 07 - 18:46

QOTD October 5 2007

Henry George: "Let no man imagine that he has no influence. Whoever he may be, and wherever he may be placed, the man who thinks becomes a light and a power."

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04 October 07 - 13:08

World Animal Day

Today is World Animal Day...a day to celibrate harmony between humans and animals (uhh...aren't we all animals?!?)...October 4 was chosen since it is the feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

So, do something special today for the animals in your life!

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03 October 07 - 10:30


Promoted as 'MTV For The YouTube Generation', thePLUS TV will provide a 24 hour video stream from PodShow, featuring the the best killer content fresh daily, mainly consisting of independently produced video.

The kick-off was yesterday with a 'backstage pass' to the DMA (Digital Music Awards) in the UK. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reach the site as it got blocked by the firewall on my end?!?

Anyway, be sure to check it out...it's live!

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02 October 07 - 07:08

Too late for Spice

BBC News: "London's Spice Girls reunion concert has sold out in 38 seconds after fans were notified tickets had gone on sale"

Damn, 38 seconds...I just woke up, guess I missed it by more than just one second! :)

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01 October 07 - 07:14

Rabbit rabbit...

Rabbit rabbit white rabbit...hey, hey, it's the first day of the month and it's gonna be an exciting one, I can use some good luck!

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