30 June 05 - 22:45

(happy) Birthday Willem-Jan!

Mixed feelings this day, saying final goodbyes to my grandfather and at the same time my brothers 31st Birthday!

The priest this morning made a nice relation between the two;
You celibrate the day of your birth on your Birthday (obvious in english...in dutch the word for Birthday is actually 'verjaardag' which literally means 'aging'-day, a different meaning...).
The early Christians 'celibrated' the day of someones death as the Birthday in heaven. Another point of view, ah?

So I can say...Happy Birthday both of you!!

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30 June 05 - 22:37

The funeral

Today was my grandfathers funeral.
The church provided a feed to listen to the service online, so Kristel could also 'join' us from Canada with the last honors. A direct download of the ceremony can be found here.

The last thoughts on this day; it's good as it is...

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29 June 05 - 21:21

iTunes, podcasting & my iPod

Sooner than expected after Steve Jobs announced it (see my earlier post); iTunes 4.9 has seen daylight supporting podcasts!!
I have to see what the effect will be on other ipodder clients now that everything is integrated in one application, will try it out the coming weeks and see! At first glance Apple looked closely to the current clients and functionalities available, time to open the hood :)

A major improvement by having podcasts as a seperate item in iTunes, is that I finally have an opportunity to get rid of the undesired mix of podcasts artists and music artists in my Library.
This really cleans up my iPod, especially handy when friends are searching for numbers (music that is) via the Artists item!

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28 June 05 - 23:37

Gnomedex 5.0

Just heared Adam Curry's Keynote speech on Gnomedex 5.0. DAMN, this is good stuff...it really gets me pumped up!
Users and developers partying together, happy to be part of it from day 1!

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27 June 05 - 23:49

Rockin' Park!! (2)

Despite the cold shower this morning I must admit, Rockin' Park was ROCKIN'!
Great shows (Nine Inch Nails was the best!) and just terrific weather!
Camping out turned out the be a good idea, the heaps we paid for the splendid weather helped obviously! :)  all in all: F*&#ing FANTASTIC!

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27 June 05 - 15:40


A man quietly filled with love and respect for one another...you certainly set the example.
Thank you for everything!

My grandparents have the following saying (in dutch) put a wall in their house for over 20 years, it gets a totally different meaning these days:
'Het is in dat huis geheel verdraaid waar het haantje zwijgt en het hennetje kraait'

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25 June 05 - 16:33

Rockin' Park!!

YEAH!! This is where you can find me tomorrow! Rockin' Park! Great artists (Keane, Queens of a Stone Age, Lenny Kravitz, Nine Inch Nails to name 'just' a few :))
We're making it a festival type of weekend by leaving today, camp out in the wonderful village of Wijchen (of all places, never been there actually!) and return on Monday.
Weather is supposed to be just perfect so; ho-ho...let's go!!

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24 June 05 - 22:15

Summerrrrr! (2)

Weather this week has been absolutely fabulous! 30+ the whole week, not really dutchy style at all, it made us the 36th heathwave since 100 years!
Pity that shitloads of work prevented me to enjoy it in full, but there is always the weekend....TGIF!!

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22 June 05 - 22:47

iPodder Lemon 2.1

iPodder 2.1 has been released today, just in time for Gnomedex!

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22 June 05 - 00:12

Podcast support in iTunes

ZDNet: "A new company called BadFruit has anticipated Apple Computer's plans to add podcasting support to iTunes with a software plug-in called "BadApple" that does the trick itself."

Seems everyone is trying to jump on the podcasting-train! :)

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19 June 05 - 22:07

Formula1 - Indianapolis

Anyone seen the Formula One 'race' in Indianapolis? What a farce!
Pity that things go like this and damage the sport...I can't be too negative on Michelin (they're a customer of mine :)), but this was just NOT GOOD! Pity that no one was able to find a better solution that would have respected the audience and sport a bit more...:(

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19 June 05 - 19:38

Credit Card hack

Guess this would happen one day or another...today was that day OOPSSS!
Anyones credit card got misused already?

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18 June 05 - 11:18


Just came back from Norway (6.30 flight, ooff!), guess what? Summer just started!! You can find me on the beach, I'm outta here, yeah! :)

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15 June 05 - 19:50


So, just arrived in Norway...had a 1.5 hours scenic drive (Norway is be-au-ti-ful my dear) from the airport and now arrived in the Grand Hotel in a place called Flekkefjord (?!? ;-)).
The hotel is nice, a bit oldish family style but most important: someone has an unsecured WiFi-access point in the neighborhood! Perfect, so I don't feel disconnected this time :)
A relatively short stay here, returning to NL on Friday, but packed with work!

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14 June 05 - 00:45

Michael Jackson

As they say; innocent until proven guilty...in this case NOT guilty!

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12 June 05 - 22:39

Red Bull Air Race

Just came back from Rotterdam. Today's event: the Red Bull Air Race!
Great experience to see those small aircraft make their speedy aerobatic moves so close by!

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11 June 05 - 15:09

FIFA World Youth Championship

The FIFA World Youth Championship Netherlands 2005 kicked off last night!
...ow, this is all about soccer :)

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11 June 05 - 02:38

EPIC 2015

Time flies...EPIC 2014 is a year ago (well, almost :))...

...the saga continues: EPIC 2015


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09 June 05 - 00:18

Referrer spam (2)

OK, that is it...the Referrer category is out!!
Tried some things to prevent spamming, but still got hit by several of those f*ckers in the last 24h.
Ofcourse they were sex related...aahhh, now *that* I can't take anymore...being home alone for 3.5 weeks now, these 'too hot to handle' links on my site have to STOP! LoL:)

Will look into this issue when I have more time though!

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08 June 05 - 23:57

Apple, Intel & IBM and uhhh, ohyeah...iTunes and podcasting! :)

Not the first post on the net about these topics, certainly not the last...

Check out Steve Jobs' keynote speech...interesting stuff!!
The news about iTunes & podcasting functionality got a bit snowed under by the major announcement of the day: Apple's move from IBM's PowerPC architecture to Intel processors.
With the current market attention on future Apple products and last years delay in introducing improved processor capacity (G5 > 3GHz? G5 for the Powerbook??) I think Apple make the right choice.
Most important is actually that they *made* a decision...whether it will be the right one, well, as always only future can tell. Doing nothing was/is/will be never an option!!

Then the 'iTunes with podcasting feature' news;
No surprise that my friend Adam Curry was 'used' by Steve to introduce the phenomenon. Especially after the meeting they had about podcasting two weeks ago.
It was great to hear Adam talk about it in the Daily Source Code...hehehe, trust me, I *know* the feeling he got when hearing this kind of special moments :)
And yes, we all know the podcast development wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Dave Winer! The 'other' podfather and (for most people unknown) huge force behind podcasting...thanks dudes!

Future is coming closer everyday! ...or are we living our future already?? :)

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07 June 05 - 11:09

Referrer spam

I heared of it before and it finally came to me, doesn't that make me feel happy?
Ahhh, hit by referrer spam over the last days and trying to find solutions for this...none were 100% successful sofar :(
As I am testing various options, the referrer category is still listed on the homepage, but not for long though (am not into 'she-males'! :))

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05 June 05 - 23:18


Just came back from a family-weekend in Zeeland (South West province of The Netherlands, I guess known internationally mostly from the big floods in 1953), had a great time there, but am TIRED!
Off to bed for a good night's sleep :)

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03 June 05 - 18:40


Kissy, you're a hero!

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03 June 05 - 03:06

Marilyn Manson

Just came back from the Marilyn Manson concert in Amsterdam!!!
What can I say...he *is* the dark side of my character...in one word; FAN-TAS-TIC!
The concert was a bit short, but I enjoyed every moment! The afterparty was nice too :)

Watching people is always fun and even better for these type of gatherings, cool designs!

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01 June 05 - 23:34

Kissy in Canada!

Didn't post about it yet, but am home alone since two weeks (come and join the party y'all :))
Seriously; Kristel (aka Kissy) went to Canada (Banff) for three months! A perfect opportunity to reflect life for both of us, pity we couldn't go together, maybe some other time! :)
She left over two weeks ago and is having a GREAT time (no surprises there!).

I will go there for holiday end of July, can't wait...the first pictures she sent were amazing!
Check this out:

Kissy in Canada

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01 June 05 - 23:24

NL votes against EU constitution

...the results of the dutch jury:
Over 60% voted against...I guess the statement is made.

It's not quite clear yet if this shows a general 'no' against the EU and/or the constitution. Perhaps it is more a protest against the government as a whole or the way this constitution process is handled.
Nevertheless, together with the French 'non' and the British hesitation, the process started by politicians is put to a temporary hold, needed for reflection!

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