31 May 07 - 17:58

New header graphic

...I guess this one gives it away...:)

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30 May 07 - 21:58

Back home

Back home...expect an announcement tomorrow! :)

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30 May 07 - 21:58

Back home

Back home...expect an announcement tomorrow! :)

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28 May 07 - 22:36

QOTD May 28 2007

Miguel de Cervantes: "Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn."

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25 May 07 - 14:17

Charlie catch-up

Traveling for almost a month in April and working with heavy, loud machinery in the house this month (prepping it for renting it out) didn't really help in catching up with Adam Curry's Daily Source Code, my *favorite* podcast! Being on my 'road to future' the last days finally made it possible to speed up the catch-up; I listened to 12 episodes (wow!) and arrived at DSC #600 FINALLY...am still over a week behind, but getting there...

Hehe, finally found out what the whole 'Savants' thing is about being part of Adam's new format, which he started on April 23rd (DSC #586)...my Birthday! Nice timing dude, am digging it! Have a listen for yourself, the Savants are cool and interesting. Hmm, would I be able to make it to an official DSC-savant, in early podcast adoption perhaps?!? :)

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24 May 07 - 12:09

'Post Comment' button not available

I noticed that the 'Post Comment' button was not available on all computers (got grayed out)...this has to do with the need to have Javascript enabled for the anti-comment-spam method (Hashcash) used in my weblog tool (Pivot). Sorry for anyone who wanted to post a comment and couldn't, I changed it now, so, the Hashcash is disabled and you're free to comment! I'll keep an eye on things and see how things are doing. You'd better believe the Hashcash will be back if I receive *any* comment-spam! :)

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23 May 07 - 15:05

On the road...to future?!

Am not at home these days, instead I'm 'on da road' heading towards a new future life. In practice this means discussing/negotiating conditions of the next step in my professional life!

As mentioned before, this means leaving NL!! Verrry interesting, but...the package must be right! In the end it is *me* who's in control of my future...:)

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22 May 07 - 15:25

Pinkpop 2007

Damn, I really wanted to go to Pinkpop this year (coming weekend). Kinda *had* to go since Marilyn Manson and the Smashing Pumpkins will be there, but...no one to go with :(

hehe, it sucks to have no friends :) 

The line-up is great though; besides MM and the Pumpkins they got Good Charlotte, Within Temptation, Snow Patrol, Muse, Korn, Evanescence, Linkin Park and more!!

Anyone? :)

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21 May 07 - 15:22

QOTD May 21 2007

Lois McMaster Bujold: "What you are is a question only you can answer."

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20 May 07 - 22:55

Google spams?

Huh, just found an email in my (Gmail) spam-folder, coming from...Google!! I know their spam-filters are strict, but I never expected them to even block one of their own emails! Funky :)

The email itself announced the new version of Google Analytics, a bit old news since I was able to access the new version for over a week, but thx anyway.

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18 May 07 - 12:27

Spamming the world?? SPF!

I noticed that some f*#king spammers are using my .com domain to forge emailaddresses and spam the world...aaahhhh!!

All of this started on May 15, so it's about time to take some serious measures. After poking around on the net I found SPF (Sender Policy Framework) which should  be THE solution for this. I asked my provider this morning to implement it for the .com domain (managed via Google Apps for your Domain) as well as the .nl domain...all I can do now is sit and wait.

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17 May 07 - 22:48

Ascension Day

Normally a day-off, but I don't feel this one...still enjoying my time off! Coming week I expect to be able to write a bit more on what direction my future will have! :)

Heyhey, let's go to heaven y'all!!

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16 May 07 - 18:34

Computer expert

Have spent yet another day fixing stuff on a computer, *not* my own computer but my parents' (2 pc's)...it's probably something that most people with 'a little more than average' knowledge on computers will recognize; whenever there is something wrong, who they're gonna call? Yeah, me, me, me! Hehe, tell me again why I like pc's so much?? :)

It will never be a problem to help out, it's just one of those things one should do, helping out...especially if it's related to mystic things as computers. It can be frustrating sometimes...windows, microsoft, pfff...perhaps I should advise my dad to buy a Mac? :)

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15 May 07 - 21:16

GAFYD & Google Account

I must overlook something really simple and obvious, but I can't enable one of my Google Apps For Your Domain (GAFYD) accounts/mailaddresses to a Google Account...example; I would like to be able to use my primary mailaddress (raymond [at] raymondpoort [dot] com) to directly login to Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Reader (!). At this moment I still have to login to the domain and from there to the (G)mail account. The main reason that I really want this, is the fact that I can't use Google Reader with my GAFYD account (and still have to use the old, original Gmail account...anyone???

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14 May 07 - 09:04

QOTD May 14 2007

Helen Keller: "Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn whatever state I am in, therin to be content"

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11 May 07 - 13:49

Sauna today

Weather's shitty, so what better way to spend the day in the sauna?


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10 May 07 - 19:40

International Date Line

I'm still confused by the loss of an entire day during the trip to New Zealand...what the hell happened to Saturday April 7?? It past in a flash, *not* a very productive day at all...it was the first time I passed the International Date Line...it still feels odd, just think about it...time *is* relative indeed, Mr. Einstein!!

P.S. Luckily I gained the day back during the flight back, so Friday April 27 was a *very* long day...not that there was much to enjoy, since the entire 'day' was spent flying :)

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09 May 07 - 15:59

Oil, Smoke & Mirrors

Watched an eye-opening documentary last weekend: Oil, Smoke & Mirrors (dutch subs), interesting alternative perspective on the phenomenon 'Peak Oil' and the consequences it has (Afghanistan, Iraq, even 9/11?!?)...a MUST SEE, so reserve an hour in your agenda and click the link!

Next on the list to watch is 'A History of Oil', as recommended by Adam Curry in Daily Source Code #578 (I'm still catching up after my vacation)...interesting stuff!

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08 May 07 - 19:29

QOTD May 8 2007

Oscar Wilde: "The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for."

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07 May 07 - 20:00

Gmail login

Oww, it took till Saturday afternoon before I could login to Gmail again, and till Sunday before all mail was sent over to the raymondpoort.com domain...sjeez! I already understood from Adam Curry that this process can be troublesome, really thought I got his issues covered (even though his Gmail-account was bigger than mine, appr. 4Gb) and still got hit by the Google-hammer!

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07 May 07 - 19:47


I (finally) went to the dentist today...it all looked good, but he still made some pictures (as a picture tells you more than a thousand words?!?).

Will know tomorrow if there's any damage to be taken care of.


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04 May 07 - 16:25

Damn me

I earlier migrated my raymondpoort.com domain to Google Apps For Your Domain and happily changed primary email address (see 'Contact'  on the right side). I was however still using my 'old' Gmail-account for all my mail (forwarded it from my domains).

Decided to migrate completely two days ago and stop using the gmail-account and work from the GAFYD exclusively, yay! First step in the process was to bring over all my old gmail messages to the raymondpoort.com domain (using a slow pop3 module), then...DAMN ME...unintentionally I created a nice loop where my .com mail got forwarded to my raymondpoort.nl domain (a back-up incase Google screws up :)) and then forwarded on to my gmail-account again. In itself no problem since the systems do have some intelligence and will not forward duplicate messages, however, I have only limited storage on my raymondpoort.nl domain...the domain exceeded its disk quota and started to send out 'message undeliverable - quota exceeded' messages triggering Gmail's anti-spam measures to lockdown my Gmail-account...DAMN ME twice!


Am still waiting till I can login again, most mail should go to the raymondpoort.com domain, but still, am sure I'm missing out on some mails.

Shit, never saw this one coming...

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03 May 07 - 20:24

Books read in NZ

I even found some time to read, besides enjoying nature (and finishing some really tough sudoku's :)).

Another great one from Paolo Coelho, 'De Vijfde Berg' (The Fifth Mountain)

A dutch writer, Kluun with 'Komt een vrouw bij de dokter'. An auto-biography about a 'hip, healthy and wealthy' couple in their mid-30's, living like gods in Amsterdam with their on-year old daughter...until she is diagnosed with cancer.

...wow, this one got me to tears...since metro-sexual is sooo 2006, does that make me gay? :)

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02 May 07 - 12:54

Congrats to Big 'RSS' Daddy Dave

Dave Winer (aka Big Daddy Dave and 'The Blogfather') is turning 52 today and still going strong. Congrats dude, have one on me. :)

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02 May 07 - 11:45

QOTD May 2 2007

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: "I pay no attention whatever to anybody's praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings."

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01 May 07 - 10:54


It's a nice sunny day, perfect day to go to 'De Keukenhof'! (for the first time of my life, wow!) :)

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