31 July 05 - 01:34

VISA card issues

Today must be some unannounced 'test' day for both Kristel and myself, things don't seem to stop...

She just called me that she was at Hertz, trying to pick up the reserved rental car and het VISA Credit Card was blocked!!!! WTK, damn!!
Apparently her Credit Card info was stolen and misused in Rome, so VISA blocked her card...?!?
After making phonecalls around the globe they were willing to unblock the card temporary, so she could rent the car after which they directly blocked the card again.
Pfewww, another stressy hour for her as Kim dropped her of at Hertz and already left, there was no other way to go.

Since we were able to manage the situation, I think fortune turns and I WILL make the flight tomorrow! YEAH BABY YEAH!!

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30 July 05 - 23:12

Back home...huh?!?

Sometimes things don't happen as you planned...

Warning...this will be a longgggg post :)

I started of so good this morning, got up at 6am (aahhhhhh! Was lucky to get at least 'some' hours of sleep!), packed the last things and left home around 7.30am. No traffic jam (amazing, even for a Saturday :)) and cam e at the airport around 8.15. First bummer, it was supposed to be THE busiest day of the year, yeah...indeed, it was! Anyway, made it all the way to the check-in and got asked the flightnumber for the connecting flight in Frankfurt (to Calgary)...the nice lady at the check-in counter couldn't trace it for me (WTF???)...how should I know? I'm on a (crew)standby ticket! Kristel didn't pick up the phone, so I had to place a wake-up call to Rob & Stef and ask them to check it on the Net (pity my boss doesn't allow  GPRS). Long story short, we managed and I got on the plane to Frankfurt!
Part 1 of 2 succeeded, the day looked promising...
I enjoyed a mere 3.5 hours transfer in Frankfurt and arrived at the gate...ooch...BUSYYYYY! :( :(
Flight was completely full and already overbooked and I was left behind with 14 others....DAMN! This means that ALL plans had to be changed...and, no Canada for me today :( : (
Got in contact with Kissy who obviously was as disappointed as me!
Together we decided my best option would be to return to Amsterdam and try other flights from Amsterdam on Sunday...my first day off was well spend, trip to Frankfurt and back, sjeez!!

One would think things can't be easier; return back to Amsterdam after making sure my luggage was following me. Well, Murphy joined me on my flight...bagage reclaim in Amsterdam airport dropped shitloads of luggage except mine!!!!
It turned out that the bags were still in Frankfurt, waiting for the Sunday flight to Calgary, WTF again! Can't people just for once NOT screw up???
No drama, it just took time (and time and time)...hopefully my bags would still make it back before I planned to leave on Sunday, so I could take them with me, NICE!

By now I am back home with a ticket for tomorrows flight in my pocket (again the cheap crew-standby fare). Was just called that my bags will be put on the Sunday Frankfurt-Calgary flight afterall. Only thing I have to do is make it on my flight from Amsterdam (via Vancouver to Calgary)...easy rigth? Orrrrrr....euhhh, I already know by now that the flight is full and 9 other standby passengers are having higher priority...guess I need some help from the cosmos tomorrow!

All in all a nice day, saw Frankfurt airport and it seems my bags have a higher chance of making it....amazing!!

So, wish me luck...no further postings means good news!!

btw. my alarmclock is set to 6am again, people who know me will perfectly understand my feelings :)

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30 July 05 - 07:23

Canada here I come

Dudes & dudettes, it's time for my holidays to start! Canada, I'm on my way...time to see Kissy again! YEAH BABY YEAHHHH!
3 weeks of driving 'n hiking through the wonderful nature of the Canadian Rockies!!!
Don't expect many updates, then again...you never know! :)
Catch ya'll later!!!

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30 July 05 - 07:22

Canada here I come

Dudes & dudettes, it's time for my holidays to start! Canada, I'm on my way...time to see Kissy again! YEAH BABY YEAHHHH!
3 weeks of driving 'n hiking through the wonderful nature of the Canadian Rockies!!!
Don't expect many updates, then again...you never know! :)
Catch ya'll later!!!

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28 July 05 - 13:04

QOTD July 28 2005

William Newton Clarke: "Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see."

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27 July 05 - 13:21

QOTD July 27 2005

Henri-Frédéric Amiel (1821 - 1881): "The man who insists on seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides."

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27 July 05 - 10:57

Dave Winer's OPML Editor

As most people in the blogosphere know, Dave Winer is the 'Big Daddy' of weblogs (created the RSS format on which blogs are built). Now he is working on a new project, the OPML Editor!

OPML stands for Outline Processor Markup Language and is the driving file format used for outlines and outliners. Outlines basically provide a way of presenting (digital) information/lists in a structurized and hierarchical form, whereas outliner applications give you the means to read and edit your outlines.
More info on the OPML website...

Back to the OPML Editor;
Dave has done it again!! He released his OPML Editor (we're at v0.55 at the moment) which is providing a great way of working with outlines and use those outlines for your blogs, podcasts or just good'old plain websites.
I have downloaded and installed the application yesterday and directly got the feel of it...5 minutes later: BOINGGG!

Perhaps the power of OPML and Dave's OPML Editor is not so apparant in the beginning, but I believe this will become an integrated part of 'Web 3.0', 'Blogs 2.0', 'Podcast 1.0'  :) :)

Will be playing more with this soon (after my holidays though!), so stay tuned!

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26 July 05 - 15:19

Microsoft Virtual Earth vs. Google Maps

In response to Google Maps, Microsoft released Virtual Earth last Sunday. It will be interesting to see how these kind of services progress in the future.

Microsoft will however need to work hard on updating their database, two of the most visible errors:
- A painful one! the Twin Towers, still in downtown Manhattan
- this one must be on purpose, ah? Apple HQ in Cupertino is wiped out

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26 July 05 - 14:46

QOTD July 26 2005

Arthur Rubinstein: "I have found that if you love life, life will love you back."

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25 July 05 - 23:54

Last week in da office!

YESSS...it's my last week in the office before my holiday in West Canada!!

No doubt it will be hectic @ work for the remaining 4 days, but all for the better cause...3 weeks of doing nothing and enjoying amazing nature, YIPPIKAJEEE!

We've rented a car and will cruise in a weeks time from Banff via Jasper NP to Vancouver (basically the northern route).  The plan is to spend around one week at Vancouver Island and then return to Banff via the 'southern' route...can't wait!! :)
Will bring all camping gear with me as we'll mostly be out camping (& hiking ofcourse!). Luckily one's allowed a travellers friendly 64kg (!!) on the flight, wonder who wants to be my caddy. :)

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21 July 05 - 14:29

Back from Pohoda...:( :(

OK, OK, it took me some days to recover...have to say, life will never be the same after Pohoda 2005!!
Robbert and I met many new 'dudes and dudettes' :)...friends for life? Who knows, but for sure very interesting people who which we had a great time with!

Some photos can be found here.
Our 'neighbors' on the campgrounds took them...thx Michal (aka Smok), Eva & Veronika!!!

Our own pictures can be found here
(on my .Mac-page to avoid too high traffic on my own domain...sjeez, m getting crazy of the bandwidth-crap that my provider puts me through...)

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13 July 05 - 22:32

Pohoda 2005

Am going to the Bazant Pohoda 2005 tomorrow! It's a pop/rock festival in Slovakia, which I went to (one day) last year after visiting Slovakia for work.

Will go together with Robbert, heaps of fun. We'll leave at 5:30am (brrr) to drive 'just a mere' 1250km tomorrow.
The festival is Friday and Saturday, Garbage and The Prodigy are headliners, GREAT!
We'll have some time on Sunday to visit Bratislava and drive back to home sweet home Monday.

It will be pretty intense, but am really looking forward to this short break. Feel I deserved it, having working my ass off the last months!
Was kind of 'lucky' to get my car back from the garage today at 17:30h (pffff!!!)...pity though I couldn't drive the Mercedes rental to Slovakia :) well, the Laguna is also a great car for these kind of trips!!

No updates expected the coming days, just partying in da field! :)
Catch ya'll laterrrrr!!!

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11 July 05 - 22:44

We're not afraid!

Fear is one of the strongest yet negative forms of energy, strangly enough it seems to be the most 'popular' way of feeling nowadays.
So-called terrorists are trying to feed some more into our communities...well, we've got news for them: we're not afraid!

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11 July 05 - 16:10

CNN is podcasting

Mainstream media jumps onto the podcasting-train...CNN is one of them.
Subscribe here...for those who have no clue what podcasting means, check this out!

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09 July 05 - 19:03

London responds

It's amazing to see how the Londoners are picking up everyday life after the brutal terrorist attacks last Thursday...their mayor sums it all up: "you will fail"

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08 July 05 - 17:26


So, am going to the hairdresser tonight...life just goes on, even after 'black' yesterday.
Wish me luck! :)

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07 July 05 - 12:52

explosions in London

CNN.com: Near simultaneous explosions rocked the London Underground network and at least one bus at the morning rush hour.

Please don't tell me this is happening all over again...

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06 July 05 - 18:20

Rockin' Park!! (3)

First picture from the Rockin' Park festival...more to come later!

Rockin' Park

Sabrina, me, Marco and Andrea...we still had the full day ahead of us!!

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06 July 05 - 15:52

EU patent proposal rejected

ZDNet.com: The European Parliament has rejected a controversial measure that would have created a single method of patenting software throughout the EU.

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05 July 05 - 14:57

Banff update

Kissy uploaded new pictures, check'em out! Can't wait to go there!! :)

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04 July 05 - 20:32

NASAs Deep Impact

NASA.gov: Deep Impact Kicks Off Fourth of July With Deep Space Fireworks.

Where science meets Hollywood? It's like Armageddon meets Independance Day: ID4!
Unreal if you think about it...

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04 July 05 - 16:42

Twelve Apostles?...Nine Apostles?...euhhh...Eight Apostles!

NEWS.com.au: Famous landmark gone in 60 seconds...One of the famous Twelve Apostles collapsed yesterday into a heap of rubble, destroying in seconds a landmark nature had taken 20 million years to create.

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02 July 05 - 20:28

Podfather flies high!

Adam got rated for his fixed wing...great job dude, congrats!
Guess he will take us all out for flying! At least in a "Daily Flight Cast" orso! :)
Flightseeing podcasting tours galore!

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02 July 05 - 19:39

Live 8

Today is the day...LIVE 8!!

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02 July 05 - 08:20

Moving day

Gonna help Tjerk and Annemiek with moving today. They move from the delightful city village city township  CITY of Zoetermeer (aka Sweet Lake City) to Bodegraven, of all places. :)
Guess I will be wrecked tonight...do I hear massages...anyone???

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01 July 05 - 21:16

Free evening

An evening without any plans! Well now, that's a long time ago!
Enjoyed a great chili earlier and will now tune in to the 'House of Wax' (BitTorrent rules!)...LATERRRR.

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