30 September 05 - 16:43

Podcasting and the iPod

Apple, please...!!

For months now I am kind of stuck with the following;
Being an active podcast-subscriber/listener/enthusiast for over a year now, I am becoming fed up with the fact that my iPod manages the 'podcast' artistnames in the same 'Artists' menu as the 'music' artists...so all in my Music Library.
Wouldn't it be better if we have a new category in the menu-structure on the iPod? For example 'Podcast' for al podcasts (compared to 'Music' for all music). All podcasts artists would then be seperated from the music artists...and life would be so much better :)

He he he, isn't it nice to complain about these kind of 'huge' problems, pfff...what a tough life we have!

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30 September 05 - 13:12

QOTD September 30 2005

Truman Capote: "A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That's why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet. "

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29 September 05 - 20:53

day and nights

My bio-clock is off, had to work through the night, finally found my bed at 7.30am, after a fine 24h work. Completely lost track of day and night :)
Feel jet-lagged, but without the jet...perhaps that going to bed early will safe my weekend!

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27 September 05 - 14:33

QOTD September 27 2005

Euripides: "Who dares not speak his free thoughts is a slave."

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27 September 05 - 10:18

.Mac storage space & podcasting

Yeah! Got the email from Apple; my .Mac account disk space has been increase from 250Mb to 1Gb! Not that I'm using it that much at the moment, but still...I *love* these kind of emails, keep 'm coming in! :)
Even better is the increased monthly data transfer limits (now 10 GB)...guess it will come in handy when I start podcasting!
Popdcasting? Ofcourse! Am 'into it' since day 1 and *will* do a podcast, expect to start still in 2005!!
Last bits left to do before the 'launch' are the web works at home (see earlier posts)..you got to have the infrastructure ready before starting, eh? :)

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26 September 05 - 23:55

QOTD September 26 2005

Alexander Pope: "Good nature and good sense must ever join; To err is human, to forgive divine."

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24 September 05 - 17:29

website work (4)

GOT IT! Installing MySQL 4.0.26 instead of 4.1.14 solved it...logical, eh? pffff!
Anyway...WordPress is up now so I can start working on the website design :)

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23 September 05 - 18:21

website work (3)

Stumbled accross a tough nut in the MySQL config...I created the database needed for Wordpress and am able to access it. The Wordpress installation script however tells me that the database is down or username/password are not correct...huh?!?
Nice one for the weekend, eh?

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22 September 05 - 17:12

QOTD September 22 2005

Bo Bennett: "Avoiding the phrase “I don’t have time...”, will soon help you to realize that you do have the time needed for just about anything you choose to accomplish in life."

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21 September 05 - 18:27

QOTD September 21 2005

Barbara Kingsolver: "What keeps you going isn't some fine destination but just the road you're on, and the fact that you know how to drive."

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21 September 05 - 17:23

Change of season, summer to fall

September 21...it's fall as of today!
Looks to be a promising fall this year, we have 21 degrees in The Netherlands today! It really seems to be nice outside, at least from what I can see looking through the office windows :( :(

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21 September 05 - 16:44

website work (2)

So, I started playing around with my proposed 'server' at home (yeah, it'll be the Mac mini!)...sofar, things move ahead quite nice and fast I might add!
Apache is running, am now working on MySQL and PHP which I need to get Wordpress running (want to try this as my blogging tool, instead of Pivot).
And that all within 5 minutes, almost...I *love* my Mac! :)

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20 September 05 - 19:18

QOTD September 20 2005

Frank Lloyd Wright: "Television is chewing gum for the eyes."

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20 September 05 - 18:24

website work

Heyhey, I hope to have some time this week to work on my website, well actually on the .com part of it...currently the domain is a forward to the .nl, but I'd like to experiment with setting it up on one of my home pc's (don't want to call them servers :)).
If I mess up, y'all will probably notice by this side being down...nah, am sure I don't mess up! (right?)

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19 September 05 - 13:37

QOTD September 19 2005

Following this weekends photos :)

John Muir: "Keep close to Nature's heart ... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean."

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18 September 05 - 23:55


Just two pictures taken over the weekend from my backyard...isn't nature a beautiful thing?



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16 September 05 - 15:09

QOTD September 16 2005

Laurence J. Peter: "An optimist expects his dreams to come true; a pessimist expects his nightmares to."

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16 September 05 - 13:40

On the QOTD September 8

I stumbled upon the original quote for the one I posted last September 8:

"If we are facing the right direction, all we have to do is to keep on

It's turned out to be an ancient Buddhist expression (not a Chinese saying)!

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15 September 05 - 18:50


Not much time for new posts, life gets in the way these days...
Guess I'm still suffering from last Monday's 'Suppliers'-post!
Actually, I *am* still suffering, 'cause Murphy and the dominos/snowballs wanted to play along :( :(
Good thing is that things are improving as I turned the situation upside down and am on top of things! Yippieeaahhyyeee!

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14 September 05 - 19:18

QOTD September 14 2005

Molière (Jean Baptiste Poquelin): "No matter what everybody says, ultimately these things can harm us only by the way we react to them."

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12 September 05 - 22:50


Some days you're just pushed around in circles with no way out...today or actually this evening was one of those days, obviously at work (I wouldn't be so fed up otherwise :)).

So, have been waiting for over 2 hours to get 'just' some reply from a supplier in the US cause the German branch office we're normally dealing with was obviously closed...time difference *can* be an advantage (as well as killing :)).
Finally got feedback and found out that they have pushed the problem back to Germany, to be picked up first thing tomorrow morning...that's to freakin' late!! I wouldn't have been in touch with the US office if I could wait till tomorrow...AARRGGGHHH!!

YEARS ago I put a paper on my wall...all my colleagues in the office (including the boss!) signed it...unfortunately the message still holds...SUPPLIERS SUCK!!

suppliers SUCK

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11 September 05 - 23:54


Was driving in a traffic jam last week, enough time to look around and I saw them for the first time this year...birds flying in their typical 'V' shape back to the South!


Must be a sign...summer is coming to an end (huh? did it already start?? :)).
Amazing sight, eh?

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09 September 05 - 22:55


tick-tock-tick-tock...rrrrrrrrrr...it's WEEKENDDDDDDDD!!!
Tomorrow volleyball tournament (not that I can play, due to my knee injury) and Sunday, well, uhhh, hmmm...now, just because I LOVE my job...meeting at 9am! Oofff

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08 September 05 - 23:18

QOTD September 8 2005

I don't know exactly where this quote comes from (it sounds like a Chinese saying).
It's something like:

"If you are facing the right direction, all you have to do is keep on walking"

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08 September 05 - 23:14

iTunes 5.0

I knew Apple would have a major announcement yesterday and thought it would be the iTunes phone (which was partly true, as they surprised us with the iPod Nano...looks like yet another a great device!).
It was actually last Tuesday when I was thinking about all this, driving the car and I then thought about iTunes and when Apple would decide to upgrade from the 4.x versions to the 5.x version. Actually I would have expected it to happen when a completely new type of functionality would be offered (actually expected 4.9 to be 5.0 with the Podcasting service! :)).
Well, nothing of that...iTunes was upgraded from 4.9 to 5.0, nothing really MAJOR, but still a nice new design and 'some' additional functionalities (all for the best though)...

Isn't it funny how these things work, one has a thought without any apparent reason...it then turns out to be something happening in the near future...:)

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07 September 05 - 21:08

QOTD September 7 2005

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."

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07 September 05 - 18:21

Feel good

Being surrounded by so many people with positive attitudes, doing interesting stuff...it makes me feel GOOD!

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06 September 05 - 10:38

QOTD September 6 2005

Bonnie Prudden: "You can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again."

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05 September 05 - 18:35

Summer, summer, summer

Sjeez, weather the last days is just GREAT here in The Netherlands! And it continues to be like that for the coming days...YEAH, summer finally began!! :)
Pity that the weekend is just two days and the working week five, shouldn't this be the other way around?

I have thought about it and it should be possible, *IF* everyone does it.
Hey, we're only fooling ourselves by being so busy, make our heads spin in too many directions day after day, trying to compete with others by putting 50+ hours of work into a 40 hours working week, right?
Then again, let's say the working week IS just two days, I'm pretty damn sure that someone starts working three days to do a bit more than the rest...the race starts all over again! :(

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05 September 05 - 18:01

QOTD September 5 2005

Bruce Jenner: "I learned that the only way you are going to get anywhere in life is to work hard at it. Whether you're a musician, a writer, an athlete or a businessman, there is no getting around it. If you do, you'll win - if you don't you won't."

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03 September 05 - 16:53

Adam's Birthday!

Congrats to Adam with his 41st...I remember a year ago when he talked 'bout his 40th on an 'internet radio show', soon to be called 'podcast'? Much has happened in a years time, guess we didn't know what we were heading for...

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03 September 05 - 14:33

Company Cars

It's a nice sunny day in The Netherlands (started off a bit cloudy though), perfect for car finding!
The lease on my company car will end in some months, so I have to find myself a new one.
The competitors (at least the ones I can afford with my lease limit):
- Renault Laguna Grand Tour; same as I currently drive, but I don't like the newest model that much
- Peugeot 407 SW; in one word beautiful, but after owning 4 Peugeots (205) that all ended 'total-loss' after accidents it might not be the best choice, eh?
- Alfa Romeo 159; I LOVE it as seen from pictures, but as it will come only in October I can't test drive it...price might also be too much :(

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02 September 05 - 23:13

QOTD September 2 2005

Dave Barry: "Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer."
(heyheyho...it's weekend guys, Njoy!)

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02 September 05 - 19:30

Zen TV Experiment

Am home alone tonight, might as well try the Zen TV Experiment!
There is more; the Zen of Television.

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01 September 05 - 15:30

QOTD September 1 2005

Sydney J. Harris: "The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."

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01 September 05 - 11:56

Been sleeping??

It seems my wintersleep already started or what? Was I influenced this much by the bears in Canada (of which I haven't seen a single ONE!) that I took over the nice habbit of a wintersleep?
Nothing of this, life just got in the way teh last week and a half.
Came back from Canada, had all this catching up to do at work and left Thursday for a company event in Norway! You don't hear me complaining! :)
Anyway, all heaps of fun! I only injured my knee last weekend with mountainbiking. It's twice as big as it should be, so no volleyball for me the coming weeks...well, that sucks!
On the bright side; weather has been absolutely FANTASTIC, so I spend the last two nights on the beach, YEAH!!

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