31 December 05 - 18:57

New Years Eve & time

Time is relative, it becomes even more clear around New Years Eve;
Here we're preparing for the evening, filled with good food, perfect wines, a game and together watching the clock ticking away the last seconds of the year. At the same time people living in timezones East of us have already celibrated the start of 2006 already...it makes you think, what's the true importantance of our clocks and supposed 'control' over time, eh?

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30 December 05 - 15:47

Last day of the year?!?

The last day of the year comes early, well at least that's what it feels like to me. For some reason I had the idea over the last days that today would be December 31st, huh?!? Yeeh, I gained one more day in 2005! :)

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29 December 05 - 23:43

Christmas dinner at Keizer Culinair

Enjoyed a fantastic atmosphere and splendid food at the Christmas dinner of 'Keizer Culinair' (in dutch), the cooking school where Kristel is working part-time, great!

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29 December 05 - 12:54

QOTD December 29 2005

Jim Rohn: "The more you know the less you need to say."

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28 December 05 - 17:11

EU launches Galileo satellite

Reuters: "The 3.6 billion-euro ($4.27-billion) Galileo program, due to go into service in 2008 and eventually deploy 30 satellites..."

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28 December 05 - 13:10

news with a capital 'M'

Was called last Sunday (Christmas Day) with some unexpected and amazing news...truly news with a capital 'M'...won't say anything more about it as I want the people involved to spread the word, not me!
You may guess obviously :)

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27 December 05 - 23:14

Post Xmas, pre New Year

After some lovely Xmas days I'm back at work for some, kind of relaxing, days inbetween Xmas and New Year. Most people tend to take the days off and enjoy a weeks holiday, but I enjoy these days...no traffic jam (huh? :)), an atmosphere that feels like summer and a chance to clean up some things that were left in the past year.
Sjeez, only three more days to go...I need more of these days, I really do!

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24 December 05 - 19:10

Merry Xmas y'all!!

Ho ho ho...:)


May it be filled with love and positive vibes!

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23 December 05 - 18:16

Marilyn Manson got married

Almost missed it, well not really, just didn't post about it yet, but:
The personification of my dark side got married with Dita Von Teese this month...has been a shock rocking party in a burlesque entourage!

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21 December 05 - 23:33

Google & AOL; EPIC 2015

News.com: "Google, Time Warner strike $1 billion deal on AOL"

The word is out...Google teams up with AOL, I guess EPIC 2015 becomes more and more the reality...

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20 December 05 - 22:56

QOTD December 20 2005

Edgar Allan Poe: "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."

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19 December 05 - 22:51

Company cars

I have been a bit demotivated lately caused by something material as a (company) car...actually more caused by the way things were handled than the turn-down of *this* car itself:

Alfa Romeo 159 *NOT*

So, I'm in the game of finding a new car (quite a luxury which I am very well aware of!).
First choice was the Alfa 159, finding a second choice is harder than I thought (I guess I was not expecting no for an answer, eh?).

But, I found one...let me know what you think:

Kia Sportage

Pretty cool, eh?

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19 December 05 - 18:44

A day to say goodbye, again.

We had the funeral of Kristels' grandfather today, he is leaving 13 children, 36 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren...quite impressive to see all of them together.

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16 December 05 - 19:05

Ho ho ho...Xmas is coming?

Don't know why, but have a Xmas feeling today! Perhaps it was the Podsafe for Peace song (check it out, it's GREAT!)? Or otherwise the fact that there is way too much work to be done, so it doesn't matter anyway? :)
We have had a Xmas party in the office this afternoon, enjoyed most of it from behind my PC though :(

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15 December 05 - 15:28

QOTD December 15 2005

Alexander Pope: "Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed."

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14 December 05 - 23:47

Kristels' grandfather passed away

You've been a wise man, we learned much from you. Hope you find your peace with grandma...so long 'ouwe reus'.

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13 December 05 - 23:31

last weekend

Last weekend was uhh...different...in itself great and relaxing, but Saturdays funeral kind of broke the weekend in two.
Also, the evening before we left we heared that Kristels' grandfather was doing really really bad, so bad the doctors expected he could pass away within a day...bbrrrr.

We still decided to go for the weekend as it would give some rest, and it did.
Made some nice hikes in beautiful nature and visitted Thorn, a historic village in Limburg (Southern province of The Netherlands) known for the white painted houses. Pictures to follow!

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09 December 05 - 10:11

Birthday surprise weekend

We're on our way out for our yearly surprise weekend (our Birthday gift). This time it's my turn to surprise Kristel...I'm sure it will be full of tlc!

Tomorrow a funeral though :(

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08 December 05 - 00:03

'podcast' word of the year!

BBC: "The term 'podcast' has been declared Word of the Year by the New Oxford American Dictionary".

YEAH! Totally digging it! :)

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07 December 05 - 00:18


Hahaha, good one; misternicehands!
(found via Scripting News...so did *you* click?) :)

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06 December 05 - 22:41

QOTD December 6 2005

John Cage: "I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."

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06 December 05 - 22:11


My uncle worked most of his life for Philips (had quite a good position). Today I read also the former head of Philips (Frits Philips) died...coincidence??

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06 December 05 - 10:25

My uncle passed away

As they say, there is a time to come and a time to go. In some cases the time to go is too soon and too sudden. My uncle passed away yesterday, after trying to to live through a continuous fever since this summer, diagnosed with cancer just two months ago (so *that* was causing the fever!), doctors gave him two to six months, so he has been fighting to live the last months.
Then his wife had a heat attack some weeks ago, his son fell of the roof (doing a cleaning job his father normally did) and broke his ankle in the same weekend...the family was devastated.
In the last week things seemed to progress a little, his life expectation was adjusted and then, yesterday evening he passed away. DAMN!

Yesterday I had some discussions at work which made me feel bad, it doesn't seem all that important now...

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02 December 05 - 14:41

I'll be Sinterklaas!

Coming Monday we celibrate 'Sinterklaas' in The Netherlands...believe it or not, but today *I* will be Sinterklaas (ofcourse assisting the real Sinterklaas, as he is so busy these days :) :)).
I'll surprise the children in a specialized child-care centre, it's always good to give, eh?

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01 December 05 - 22:12

QOTD December 1 2005

Chinese Proverb: "Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still."

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01 December 05 - 21:18

Grand webcast to honour Einstein

BBC News: "Thursday sees the web and particle physics equivalent of Live 8, as scientists and computing pioneers from around the world hook up for a 12-hour live webcast."

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01 December 05 - 20:51

iBuzz - huh?

Looking for a nice Xmas gift for your girlfriend? Consider the iBuzz! Huh?? :)

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01 December 05 - 00:07

The Onion & RIAA

The Onion: "The Recording Industry Association of America announced Tuesday that it will be taking legal action against anyone discovered telling friends, acquaintances, or associates about new songs, artists, or albums." :)

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