27 July 07 - 08:29

Gone and twitter updates

OK, it's time...I will be gone for a while...on my way outta here (NL that is)! I expect to have some internet only from Wednesday :(

While I'm on da road, you can follow me via the twitter box on the right of this page...heyhey, my tip of the day! :)

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26 July 07 - 14:28

Last day in NL

Time truly flies, today is my last full day at home in NL...wow!

Will leave tomorrow for a family weekend in Germany and dirive on Monday to Norway, land of the Vikings...YEAH! you bet the car will be PACKED (clothing, computers, audio and tv stuff :))...hope the suspension holds. :)

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26 July 07 - 12:13

#1 at Google image search on Khadafi

Check this out!!!

The Khadafi picture I put on when I went to Tripoli end March is the number 1 search result with Google image search...wow! Major breakthrough for my blog, becoming number one with Google with uhhh, the great leader Khadafi...hmm, have to admit it would have been nicer if this was with a butterfly picture instead of the great leader...;)

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25 July 07 - 22:31

QOTD July 25 2007

George S. Patton: "Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."

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24 July 07 - 16:15

Pohoda 2007 recap

Back and rested,...slept like a baby :).

This years Pohoda is again filled with good memories to keep;

- reunited with our friends from previous editions (Veronika with her beautiful babygirl Vesna, Michal and Eva who will get married on September 22)

- met new friends (Igor, the swiss born slovak, our camping neighbors Zuzana and Jura)

- nicely suntanned by the 40 degrees bluesky weather, no wind...even the cheap beers going in could not make up for the sweat going out

- saw some great bands perform: Datarock, coming from Norway...these vikings have SO much energy, The Hives with their almost arrogant way of getting the audience on their side...'we know that you have bought the Pohoda tickets only to see us!' :), Basement Jaxx who made everyone dancing like crazy, semi-agressive Wu Tang Clan hip-hoping around and the flying dutchman Junkie XL going wild for the crowd.

- last but not least; Air performed on their air-instruments, playing music like air...in other words, they didn't perform, something with their instruments getting stuck in Budapest...:( :(

Yeah, you bet we'll be back next year...pictures to come, some others can be found here and here.

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23 July 07 - 22:53

Back from Pohoda

It has been a great weekend, Pohoda 2007...more on this tomorrow, am going to zzzzzzz (calculated that I have slept only 16h in the 135h period from Wednesday morning till Monday evening!!)

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19 July 07 - 05:00

On our way to PARTY

Pohoda 2007...here we come!!!

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18 July 07 - 16:42

Hot 'n sunny Pohoda

The weather forecast for Slovakia shows 37 degrees (C) and only sun this weekend...YAYY!!...we're gonna get sunburned at Pohoda!!

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18 July 07 - 16:42

Hot 'n sunny Pohoda

The weather forecast for Slovakia shows 37 degrees (C) and only sun this weekend...YAYY!!...we're gonna get sunburned at Pohoda!!

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17 July 07 - 00:35

The Vikings are coming to get me!

BBC News: 'A Viking Ship is on its way to the British Isles from Norway'. I guess this is my ride...:)

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17 July 07 - 00:35

The Vikings are coming to get me!

BBC News: 'A Viking Ship is on its way to the British Isles from Norway'. I guess this is my ride...:)

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15 July 07 - 16:35

Cleaning up the attic

Finally managed to clean out the big storage space we have in the attic (aka TechRoom :)) today, shitloads of old paperwork and magazines are on their way out!

Sjeez, I've got three days left coming week and three days in the week after before I'm moving to Norway...the clock's ticking...

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14 July 07 - 18:50

Red pill, blue pill and Fear Industrial Complex

Last weeks DSC#632, around 8:40 in the show, a great audio comment from Dana Law from San Diego who responds to Adam discussion on Live Earth and global warming. Dana likes to refer to this as global hysteria and he places the current attention on global warming in perspective calling it 'politics of fear' or 'fear industrial complex'. Basically the scares that we as world population have been (put?) through in the last decades.

Examples are many;

Overpopulation, herpes, second hand smoke, global cooling, asteroids, heterosexual aids, sars, birhtflu, running out of oil, ozon holes, nuclear winner, zombie computers, millenium bugs, high fructose corn syrup, ebola, african id cali, anthrax, transpaths, cyclomates, diabetes, Alar, mad cow disease. By now they should all have killed humanity, right?

In his response Adam links the examples above with Guy Debord's book 'The Society of the Spectacle'...I totally dig it, here's the transcription;

'If you think about the Society of the Spectacle and that list that Dana just read, that's kinda what this is all about and how human culture works. We really are in a type of Matrix, I don't think that movie was too far off...we ARE connected, only we may not be lying in pots, but we are connected through mobile devices and computers and cellphones...we are really making the machine work, we're feeding it through blog posts that go up through mainstream media and all the wires are interconnecting. It really is red pill, blue pill stuff...except all you have to do is realize it and that's the red pill...if you don't and if you're just are happily enjoying the instantaneous hit of receiving an email on your Blackberry then you're a blue pill person.

Hmm, maybe we should move on from scrunchers/folders to red pill/blue pill, because it really has that vibe to it. And think of all those things, all those disasters, asteroids, we've solved all of those in the blue pill world with Bruce Willis showing up to save the day. We feel comfortable and we don't really worry about that...I think we really don't worry about that because of Bruce Willis. I have to say, right upfront...I'm definately a red pill kinda guy.'

This was right on dude...Adam Curry, I love ya for this!

Indeed, it's a good time to change from scrunchers/folders to red pill/blue pill...red pill, I'm in!

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13 July 07 - 18:23

Pohoda 2007

A 7 day countdown has started...next week I will be partying at Pohoda.

It will be the third time Robbert and I are going there for sun, cheapo beer and great music! This years program includes Air, The Hives, Basement Jaxx, Wu Tang Clan, DJ Shadow and Junkie XL, yay!

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12 July 07 - 11:40

Jason unbombs

Jason Calacanis responds to Google's dunk of Squidoo, I didn't give him kudos for 'bombing' Squidoo though...uhmm, I did call Mahalo a search ENGINE like Google, even though they in a way are at opposite sides of the search landscape...ok, will call it a search SERVICE from now on!

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11 July 07 - 13:16

Jason Calacanis bombs Squidoo?

TechCrunch: 'Google Acting Against Squidoo Due To Spam'.

Funky, this news seems to give Jason Calacanis a major boost on his influence on the web! Because? Well, the thing with Squidoo (being a (potential?!) platform for spam and not taking the correct measures to fight it) has been going on for MONTHS, Jason recently has been all over them and NOW Google responds?!? Sjeez, this almost sounds like a perfect setup, mastered by Jason and Google!

Then again, Jasons new project Mahalo (cool like beans!) is a....uuhhh...search engineSERVICE, an alternative for Google (and so far very effective I must say)...so nah, Jason is still the great guy I 'know' from his contributions to the Gillmor Gang! Right?

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10 July 07 - 17:13

Mouse cursor

Always wanted to know how the mouse cursor actually works? Of course the Japanese know the answer! :)

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09 July 07 - 10:02

QOTD July 9 2007

Franklin D. Roosevelt: "The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today."

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08 July 07 - 23:36

Finally, sun!

Having had weeks of rain, wind and autumn temperatures, we really enjoyed this ONE sunny day...with friends, a bbq, lovely rose wine and Rhythms del Mundo in the air...yeah, it was a great day!

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07 July 07 - 13:54

Twitter badge

I added the Twitter badge to the 'Miscelany' part on the right hand side of this site!

At the same time I decreased the number of displayed Flickr photos from 5 to 1...hmm, not entirely satisfied...still some more redesign to do...later though.

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06 July 07 - 18:13


I hold off for 6 months, but decided to go with the next big thing on the web: Twitter.


There's a lot to say about the service, from Wikipedia; 'Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send "updates" (text-based posts, up to 140 characters long) via SMS, instant messaging, email, the Twitter website, or an application such as Twitterrific.'

I just subscribed, check out my Twitter page...will add friends in the coming days and then start 'twittering'...expect more on this soon!

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05 July 07 - 17:17

Pivot X2.0 in the works

This blog is using the Pivot-engine to maintain the site, mainly coz it's purely php based and, unlike the popular Wordpress weblog tool, it doesn't require MySQL (handy since that is not available in my current hostingplan).

The Pivot dev-team just posted some screenshots of what version 2.0 will look like (current version is 1.40.3 'Dreadwind')...holy cow, a *lot* of changes on the back-end! Have to admit, it looks mighty good...can't wait to upgrade! Gotta hold off for some months though, the final is only expected after summer. :(

Common guys, push it! :)

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04 July 07 - 20:01

New car!

We bought a new car today! Obviously I left the company car with the company after quiting my job and the last two weeks in Norway showed that a car is a requirement for the area we're gonna live in.

Made a good deal with our neighbors, so here it is; the Renault Mégane Scenic!

It has the full options, even a towbar! Not quite a pussy-magnet :), but really happy to have it.

Great value for money and for sure big enough to get stuff moved to the new house in Norway by the end of this month.

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03 July 07 - 17:17

Cleaning da house

These weeks are filled with cleaning up old shit and packing things we're gonna take to Norway.

You would not believe what I found laying around in the techroom (the attic :))...old network stuff like 10 Base-5 (thick ethernet) cables and terminators, AUI to UTP convertors, etc., etc....guess it's about time to trash it! :)

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02 July 07 - 13:03

Butterfly moments

Time is relative; an hour, a day, a year...all just one moment in time. Some moments make us go back in time, passing the thin line of human invented time boundaries.

Today is one of those days...a true butterfly moment, here for a reason...the people who should, know the meaning.

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02 July 07 - 10:58

QOTD July 2 2007

Marilyn Manson: "Times have not become more violent. They have just become more televised."

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01 July 07 - 16:05

Goals achieved

Was able to get the most important things arranged while being in Oslo the last two weeks; I started the norwegian registration process and obtained a tax-number. The lather is needed to open a bankaccount...just a minor detail, still important since I want to give my employer the opportunity to pay my salary, yeah...I'm a nice guy! :)

Next challenge is to work my way through the Internetbanking in the norwegian language...guess I'll need a dictionary!

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