30 March 08 - 20:30

QOTD March 30 2008

Eleanor Roosevelt: "The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience."

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29 March 08 - 22:24

Back from Trysil

Holiday is over...came back today from snowy Trysil into rainy Oslo, felt as a culture shock. Anyway, it was great, definitely something to look back to!

Another great thing to look back to is the amazing trip to Tripoli, Libya...we left today exactly one year ago.

Sjeez, a lot has happened in the past year!

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24 March 08 - 12:05

On our way out!

Finally, my first holiday since I moved to Norway last year June! Gonna do some serious skiing/snowboarding in Trysil, yay!

Keep an eye on my twitter box on the right in case I can't find WiFi to post on the weblog.

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23 March 08 - 09:12

Happy Easter

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22 March 08 - 17:01

Shopping Spree

Money is flying out of my wallet these days; I bought cross-country skis today, the sauna was a great deal but certainly not free, the Tempur bed finally got delivered this week (well, sort of, the delivery company had a week off, so the store got us a replacement matras for now, until they're able to deliver again)...oh, and last but not least; we'll go skiing coming week!

Some might say I'm earning too much, others know I deserve it! ;)

Me? I just thank the Easter Bunny; LOOK, there he is!! Oh, now he's gone, you just missed it!

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21 March 08 - 14:40

Spring, and snow?

March 21, the day that normally marks the start of the Spring season...well, not in Norway! After weeks without, snow came falling down from last night, 15cm and counting, wow!

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20 March 08 - 16:48

Arthur C. Clarke's last trip into space

BBC News: "Writer Arthur C Clarke dies at 90...Sir Arthur's detailed descriptions of space shuttles, super-computers and rapid communications systems inspired millions of readers."

I am working in the satellite communications industry, so this news is very relevant...his idea for communication satellites eventually became a multi-billion dollar industry. Today, many peoples life depend on the ability to communicate from the harsh environments they are in, environments where satellite is the only option.

To me, satellite communication is one of the ways used to bring people in the world closer together, ultimately becoming one again.

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19 March 08 - 23:09

QOTD March 19 2008

Barbara Hall: "You're alive. Do something. The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated. It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences. It sounded like this: Look. Listen. Choose. Act."

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18 March 08 - 09:36

Out with customers

Our biggest customer is coming over to Norway today and tomorrow. I have been working with them for years, from the dutch office, so it's nice that I now can be their host in 'that country up North'. The days will be filled with meetings obviously, but we'll have enough time to show them Oslo...be sure we'll give 'm the full treatment! ;)

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17 March 08 - 22:43

iPhone updated!

I just succesfully updated my iPhone software to the latest and greatest, v1.1.4! Overall the process was really, really EASY! I connected the iPhone to my pc running iTunes, upgraded via iTunes to v1.1.4 and then ran ZiPhone v2.6b and checked the 'Do it all!' option. It took me 19 minutes...15 for updating the software via iTunes and 4 for the ZiPhone Unlock, Jailbreak and Activate.

Let's see if the problem with remembering passwords in Safari is solved...

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16 March 08 - 18:12

Back home, Pluis is OK

Just got back home and Pluis was waiting at the doorstep for food...all seems to be OK!

Will enjoy a nice a relaxing evening as couch potato, I LOVE those evenings!!

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15 March 08 - 09:47

Pluis' bladder infection

Our 'walkabout-cat' Pluis managed to get a bladder infection that got spread into his kidney; the high fever and non eating/drinking behaviour got suspicious and a quick trip to the vet set the diagnose.

Some anti-biotic should resolve it...however, we're not home at the moment?!? Hope everything is safe and sound by the time I come back tomorrow and so I can play nurse for him. ;)

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14 March 08 - 22:44

Weekend, finally

Damn, this was a hectic week! It still feels far from completed, there is just too much that needs to be done. Will do my best to unwind and take some distance...charge the battery and kick ass on Monday!

Or at least, I hope...the mouse arm seems to get slightly better and for me that's exactly when I need to pay attention! It's just too easy to return to old habbits, too early...

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13 March 08 - 23:42

Delaying 1.1.4 update

Decided to wait with updating my iPhone to 1.1.4 till I'm back home, I'd rather have a decent backup just in case (can't risk loosing my contacts while I'm on the road!), and besides that; the hotel WiFi/internet is ssssloooowwww tonight. The same thing happened to me, also on the Thursday, three weeks ago...uhhh, huh?!?

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12 March 08 - 19:26

QOTD March 12 2008

Benjamin Franklin: "If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher's stone."

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11 March 08 - 22:10

iPhone 1.1.4 update

I have been holding off to install the 1.1.4 software update for my iPhone for the past weeks mainly since there were no exciting new features in it. Then tonight I got fed up with the Safari mobile browser not remembering my passwords while browsing (Google Reader, Twitter, etc.), searched around on the net and guess what? It's a know bug in v1.1.3 and should be solved in 1.1.4...guess what? Am upgrading tomorrow when I have the WiFi available!!

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10 March 08 - 20:35


Am seeing a huge increase in spam-tagged emails over the last two weeks. Don't know if there is any specific reason for this (I thought that spam was dying these days?), but my spam-folder used to have roughly 300 emails (in 30 days), but currently holds 1800+ spam-mails?!?

My Gmail (or actually Google Apps) is doing a great filtering job since I hardly receive any spam in my Inbox, they go directly where they belong...in the spam-folder!

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09 March 08 - 19:33

Holmenkollen Ski Jump

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump is a place we often go to with visitors; besides a spectacular view over Oslo and the Oslo fjord, it is quite special to see a real Ski Jump from so close by.

Willem-Jan and Patricia (my brother and his girlfriend) were the true lucky ones; this weekend was to be even more special since the Ski Jumping competition took place at Holmenkollen! Truly amazing to actually see people jumping from the Ski Jump, eh?

Well, we were unlucky; went there yesterday afternoon to find out that the jumping planned for later in the afternoon was rescheduled due to weather conditions...no more jumping on Saturday! :(

We still had a nice time, sightseeing and watching the finish of the Nordic Combined cross-country...as for jumping; better luck next year!

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08 March 08 - 22:22

QOTD March 8 2008

John F. Kennedy: "The ancient Greek definition of happiness was the full use of your powers along lines of excellence."

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07 March 08 - 22:34


An important part of integrating into Scandinavia is ofcourse getting into the sauna culture...and the easiest way then is to have a sauna in house,so...a sauna it is! We picked it up tonight and found a suitable place in one of the uhhh, five spare rooms! ;)

It's gonna be a HOT weekend!!

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06 March 08 - 17:40

DSC & HitTest Live?

Adam Curry is experimenting these days with so-called 'DSC Live' shows, basically a standard Daily Source Code with the possibility for people to join the show Live via Talkshoe (non audio in the chatroom, or audio by dialing in)...heaps of fun and the format is really working.

Although I still feel he needs a sidekick (I actually volunteered for that ;)) or at least someone to filter incoming calls and streamline the selection of topics/discussion.

One thing that definitely should happen is to add a live version of Jan Polet's HitTest...I don't see any technical obstruction. Just imagine all the peeps participating in the DSC Live show taking the HitTest simultaneously...yay!

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05 March 08 - 18:48

Mouse arm

Just a short update on my RSI (?!) problems...short since I'm not able to write that much.

I went to see the doctor this morning, who confirmed that the pain is caused by irritation in the tendon soft tissue, located solely in my wrist and underarm (not coming from my neck/shoulder); it is a so-called mouse arm.

She was able to hit the right (=painful) spots at once (and even seemed to enjoy it? ;)), pretty painful to be honest.

Avoiding using the mouse with my righthand and overall giving the arm rest, along with some medication and gel to massage should get me over it. I'll go for that!

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04 March 08 - 17:47


The pain in my right hand, wrist and arm didn't decrease, it actually seemed to get worse overnight! :(

Am starting to believe this really might be RSI related...will see a doctor tomorrow morning, fingers crossed (well, that's not really possible in my current condition to be honest...)

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03 March 08 - 20:25

One year ago...

Am not the type of guy to look back that often, still, last years March 3 was the first day of my (chosen) unemployment! It was a Saturday then, so it didn't really feel like a day without a job, but it marked my new beginning, which brought me so far to Norway. No regrets on that decision!!

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02 March 08 - 17:35

24, Season 4

We've started watching Season 4 of '24'.

Hehe, will be a couch potato the coming week, trying to finish the season before my brother will visit us coming weekend!

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01 March 08 - 11:05

Bunny, bunny, rabbit, rabbit

New day of the month and since the first thing I said today was 'rabbit, rabbit' I'll receive good luck for the rest of March, great!

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